Tips from the road: How to keep the kids entertained

Is there anything better than packing up and heading off with the caravan in tow for a well earned break?

The open road, barbeques, kids running around with new best friends every day, it’s all pretty idyllic. However, the journey can sometimes be more arduous than idyllic, especially with kids in the backseat squabbling for hours on end. So, how do we keep them entertained and avoid the question we all dread to hear;  “are we there yet?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Invest in portable DVD players. It keeps them entertained for hours on the road, and also a lifesaver for the rainy afternoons cooped up inside.
  • Remember Spotto? Make up a bingo card, but instead of numbers in the squares, list things for them to look for on the way. First to complete their card calls “Spotto” and wins.
  • Include kids in the planning of the journey. Older kids can ‘help’ plot the stops along the way, and the younger ones can help pack the van, select their toys for the car etc.

Have you travelled with kids? What are your tips for keeping them entertained on road trips? Share your tips on the CIL Facebook page and join in the discussion.

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