When have you needed to ‘take care of business’ and there wasn’t a bathroom in sight?

Thetford, inventor of the world’s first camping toilet, has launched the next generation of its portable toilet; Porta Potti. Taking leisure to the next level, a Porta Potti offers unparalleled comfort, as well as a sanitary solution that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system.

Porta Potti Excellence

Perfect for the traveller who wants to have access to a toilet while out on the road, a Porta Potti is the hygenic, convenient and environmentally friendly solution to disposing of waste when in the great outdoors.

To celebrate the launch of the next generation in portable toilets,we recently held a competition giving away 6 Porta Potti packs valued at $314 each. Each pack included a Porta Potti Excellence toilet, two toilet additives and aqua-soft toilet paper.

The competition has closed and the winners have been selected. But we couldn’t just leave it there and not share the winning 6 responses.

WARNING #1– This post features very entertaining stories about going to the toilet and may have you in fits of laughter. (It may also have you running for the toilet due to said laughter).
WARNING #2 – This post is not for the squeamish
WARNING #3 – This post is not for people who get offended discussing bladder and bowel motions.
WARNING #4 – This post may feature words such as ‘poo’, ‘wee’, and ‘bum’

Brad, (State unknown) –
“Years ago some mates and myself were camped out near Mosita close to the Botswana border in South Africa. Feeling an urgent call of nature, I grabbed a spade and minced off into the bush, found a likely spot under the shade of a Mimosa thorn tree and dug a small hole. I had barely dropped my dacks and squatted when I heard this loud buzzing noise vibrating the air. I looked up and could not believe my eyes. From all directions massive horn rimmed black dung beetles were beating towards me. They began to crash land in puffs of dust in about a 4m radius around me, and immediately started a brazen aggressive march inwards! By this stage I was half way thru my ablutions and so the race began. I pushed with sweaty brow while the enemy battalion approached and thought nervously that this was a crap situation to be in! I’m not ashamed to say that prudence won the race and I scarpered with the bog roll squeezed between my cheeks and my dacks around my knees! Ah, the good old days!”

Jessica, WA –
“Pulled over to the side of the road as my partner needed to take care of business. It was starting to drizzle but he still jumped out and disappeared behind a few trees and bushes. The kids started getting grumpy as we had stopped moving. After a while I started up the car again, in the hope the kids would settle. My partner thought I was taking off without him, he came running out struggling to pull his pants up as he ran, he got within about 2M of the car, pants still not completely up. And he slipped in a huge muddy puddle.  All I remember was him suddenly disappearing from view and the kids gasping and then losing it laughing. There was mud all through his hair, and all down his pants he was covered.  This was about 5 years ago and we still laugh about it to this day!”

Cherie, NSW –
“At the age of 15 & 16, my sister and I were travelling home from a coastal holiday with our mum and dad. We were ‘shamed’ by our mum, when she insisted that dad pull over on the side of the New England Highway as she was busting for a wee. There was one tiny little shrub, so mum thought it was best to stick her head into the shrub, because no one would recognise her bottom at the next stop if it so happened that someone would come passed, whilst she had her head in the shrub. Obviously her bladder was so full that she didn’t think clearly to know that most people would recognise the car and caravan that we were towing, and not only would they recognise the car and van, that they would see her face and would have also seen her bum! Of course my sister and I had a good laugh and mum was embarrassed when a car came passed with her bottom hanging out the shrub and honked their horn. The same car was at Maccas up the road when we did stop!  It was a good laugh and something I will always remember!”

Tony, VIC –
“Well being bush campers many years ago there have been plenty of stories when one needed to take care of business. One trip to the Burrinjuck  Dam near Yass, N.S.W will always stay with me. One day when nature happened to call, I grabbed the spade and a toilet roll and off I went. I came across a perfect log of timber laying on the ground which was perfect. I took up a position and squatted when suddenly out from the scrub my brother appeared with a toilet roll tucked up under his arm. You must realise we were just kids at the time so I offered him a spot on the log. No sooner had we settled when our dad also appeared, and yes he also had a toilet roll up under his arm. So how is your imagination going? Here was the three of us squatting over a log with our backsides bracing the breeze just taking care of business. Of course there were many witty comments and laughter going back and forward, hence the memory has stuck solid.”

Ross, (State unknown)
“It was in the 80’s. We were on a bush road traveling from Moruya to Braidwood. My friends wife had to ‘take care of business’. She didn’t like the idea of squatting in the grass so the mate & myself decided to show the girls our ‘bushcraft’. We quickly made up a commode type chair. [ I think too quickly ]. We set it up and left her to it. About 5 minutes later came this blood curdling scream. Apparently the commode had collapsed and fell in her business. She was not impressed. Luckily the river was nearby and she was able to clean up. They say it’s moments like these you need ‘Minties’ but a ‘Porta Potti’ would be more to our liking. PS. She didn’t speak to the mate and myself for 4 days.”

Jackie, NSW –
“Being a girl it makes it harder to ‘take care’ of business out in the Aussie bush. I was once trying to be clever and found a fallen tree and thought I can dangle my bum over the other side and pee just like I am sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately I found out the truth behind the song “When The Bough Breaks” as the branch snapped and I fell into leaf litter, my own pee and managed to get a splinter somewhere that took my husband 20 minutes to get out as he was laughing so hard.”

We hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we have and thank you to all that submitted an entry.

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Share your story with us. When have you or a fellow travel companion needed to ‘take care of business’ and there wasn’t a bathroom in sight?

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