Great news for campers

Love camping? Keep doing it!

According to research, campers are happier, have closer family relationships, are healthier and less stressed. Camping also improves social interaction, facilitates children’s learning and creates memories, traditions and special places that stay with participants for life.  These are findings of a Liverpool John Moores University study who surveyed both adults and children and both non campers and campers (campers include anyone who regularly camps in a tent or caravan).

happy camper with rockmelon
Research from the Liverpool John Moores University say campers are happier, healthier and less stressed.

Some of the key findings include;

  • 93% of campers say camping can make you happier
  • 77% of campers are satisfied with the quality of their life compared to 59% of non campers
  • 91% of all children say spending time exploring the outdoors with their parents makes them happy
  • 79% of kids who have never camped say they would like to

Researcher Dr Kay Richards said caravanning and camping presented “priceless” experiences. She said working together to pitch a tent and cook the food brought families together in a way that everyday life often could not achieve.

So, if you haven’t already experienced the joys of camping and caravanning, Spring is the perfect time to give it a go and with 180 Holiday Parks across Australia, why not get out and explore our wonderful country.

Information Source: Liverpool John Moores University Online News Update

4 thoughts on “Great news for campers”

  1. we prefer caravanning because we can stop anywhere we wish to. we are able to
    enjoy the country of Australia at our leisure.

  2. I definately agree we started camping with our children from the day they were born & these were the best times we ever had. The total experience, enviroment made it so relaxing, stress free & not ever the whole time did i ever feel it was an effort. The only sad part was having to pack-up to go home, i without hesitation would definately say it brings you so much closer to your children. My eldest is now 29 & having 5 kids under 6+half, to this day we have such a strong bond/relationship which i believe comes from all the good “Camping Days”. Would recommend every family should do, it’s inexpensive & the memories you make last forever !!

  3. I was Lucky enough to be brought up on camping lol and now I’m even luckier to continue these wonderful memories with my own children. Camping is the most affordable satisfying activity ever, please May it always be possible 🙂 we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Australia

  4. My hubby and I love our life now. We have decided to rent our home and livein our caravan….5 months now and loving it. We go to work every day from the Big 4 in Tweed. Love our life!!!!! Love Big 4!!!!!
    Colleen and Colin Lynn

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