BIG4 parks that have splash parks

‘A giant playground; just add water.’ And with those six simple words, endless joy is delivered to children all over Australia.

There’s something about splash parks that sends kids of all ages into a flurry of excitement. Watch their faces light up at that the sight of these amazing, interactive water complexes. And as they are packed with so many features – such as spouts, wheels, dumping buckets, cannons, and slides – splash parks provide endless entertainment.

BIG4 North Star at Hastings Point, NSW is one of many parks with a crowd-pleasing splash park.
BIG4 North Star at Hastings Point, NSW is one of many parks with a crowd-pleasing splash park.

Furthermore, overwhelming happiness is not the only benefit that splash parks provide kids. Splash parks – also known as water parks – allow children to burn plenty of energy, learn new skills, and meet new friends. Oh, and your kids are sure to sleep soundly after spending a day at a splash park.

As for parents? Well, you can simply relax on the sidelines as you soak up the delightful look of your child at play. Because isn’t it time you earned ‘best parent ever’ status?

Check out the list of BIG4 parks that have splash parks below:

BIG4 Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort
BIG4 NRMA Treasure Island Holiday Park

BIG4 North Star Holiday Resort
BIG4 Harrington Holiday Park
BIG4 Nelligen Holiday Park
BIG4 Saltwater @ Yamba Holiday Park
BIG4 Deniliquin Holiday Park
Discovery Holiday Parks – Pambula Beach
NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park
BIG4 Bonny Hills Holiday Park
BIG4 Merimbula Tween Waters Resort

BIG4 Bellarine Holiday Park
BIG4 Swan Hill

BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park

BIG4 Howard Springs Holiday Park

BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park
BIG4 Marion Holiday Park
BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park 

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