Camp like a champ with BIG4 Holiday Park these school holidays – 5 easy tips to make your next camping trip a breeze

School is out, the car is packed, the kids are loaded in the back and you’re about to head off on a long awaited camping trip. Camping with kids can be a great bonding experience and you can create lifetime family memories. To make sure those memories are unforgettable for the right reasons (and not because you left the tent pegs behind) follow these simple camping tips from BIG4 Holiday Parks to camp like a champ.

1. Make a list, check it twice

Making a listThere is nothing worse that arriving at your destination, only to find that you’ve left something at home. Chances are it will be a crucial component of your trip like tent pegs or torches too.

Prepare a list of camping essentials to make sure everything is packed. Sticking to the list will also mean you don’t over pack and end up digging through a bag at midnight searching for your toothbrush. Do you really need to pack that hair straightener? Strike it off the list.

2. Research activities before you go

Kayaking at InverlochIf you’re heading to a destination for the first time, research the area and local attractions before you leave. Get kids involved with the planning and pick out some attractions you can enjoy as a family.

If you single out destinations you want to visit, you can save time trawling through brochures when you arrive at your holiday destination. When booking tours, make sure you book through a tour company with positive reviews and book well in advance to avoid disappointment. The last thing you want to do is turn up and be denied entry because you don’t have a booking.

3. Set up your campsite in daylight

Depending your attitude, setting up your tent and camp site can be a breeze or a nightmare, so it’s best to tackle it in daylight to avoid anyone getting frazzled and cranky. Tents can be tricky enough on their own so make it easy on yourself by putting yours up in full light.

If you’re not a traditional camper at heart, book a cabin where you’ll enjoy a comfy bed, your own bathroom and the luxury of air-conditioning.

4. Plan for wet weather

Swimming, beach cricket, kayaking, fishing, sandcastle building…the list of holiday activities goes on, but it can get infinitely smaller if rain clouds roll in.

Pack some board games and toys to keep the little ones entertained. Older kids might enjoy brain teaser game books, crossword puzzles or sketch books. Card games are great for passing the time on rainy days, with the added bonus of family bonding thrown in.

Many BIG4 Holiday Parks host kids clubs throughout the school holidays with craft activities, cooking classes, movie nights and more. The clubs are great boredom busters and they give Mum and Dad a change to enjoy some downtime too, so make use of them.

5. Keep food simple

Camp fire cookingWhen you’re enjoying time with family and friends in a beautiful holiday destination, the last thing you want to do is spend time aimlessly wandering supermarket aisles wondering what to cook. Make sure you can create fulfilling, healthy meals for the duration of your trip by creating a meal plan before you leave home. It’s nice to eat out occasionally while holidaying, but it can get expensive when travelling as a family so cooking your own meals will save budget for fun holiday activities.

BIG4 have created a book full of quick and healthy camping recipes to tackle this challenge. All recipes can be recreated in BIG4’s fully equipped camp kitchens. Visit to download a copy in time for the Easter break.

For many people, a holiday is a once a year treat that can’t come soon enough. With a little preparation, you’ll enjoy a stress-free holiday making great family memories in Australia’s stunning outdoors.

To plan your next trip, visit and experience Australia by BIG4.

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