BIG4’s tips for entertaining kids during rainy weather

A summer holiday spent camping, basking in the sun and playing beach cricket is one of the best ways to bond as a family. But what happens if the big trip comes around and the weather goes grey? Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean the camping trip is ruined. Here are some handy tips from BIG4 Holiday Parks to help parents keep the kids entertained during wet weather getaways.

Have a walking adventure in the rain
Kids can get a little crazy when they’re stuck inside. A great way to beat cabin fever is to head out on a walking adventure. A walk in the rain helps beat boredom and burn through some extra energy. Make sure you rug up, grab an umbrella and start exploring the grounds of your BIG4 Holiday Park. Encourage your kids to keep an eye out for rainbows, animals and bugs that come out when it rains and then report on what they find when you get back to your campsite.

walking in rain
Puddle splashing competition
If you can’t beat it, join it! Children love stomping around in puddles so why not turn this into a fun game that will get them out of the cabin and into the fresh air. Put on your wet weather gear, slip on the gumboots and find some puddles to splash around in. Don’t forget to have some towels and dry clothes ready for when you get back.

“Some people walk in the rain… I’d rather jump in the puddles”

Indoor camp-out
Bring the fun and excitement of camping inside. Encourage your children to use their imaginations – they can create a tent inside with sheets, have their sleeping bags on the floor and even have a picnic inside for lunch. Once it gets dark, turn out the lights and use torches to pretend that you’re outside by a fire.

Treasure hunt
If you’re staying in a BIG4 cabin, a treasure hunt is a great way to keep the kids entertained. You can hide small toys or snacks around the cabin and can make it real adventure by creating a treasure map with clues and pictures to get the little campers imaginations going wild. Keep some prizes aside and once the kids are done finding all the treasure, they can hide the prizes and then give you the clues to find them.

No prizes on hand? Why not create a list of IOUs you can share with your kids. Get crazy and join in the fun – agree you’ll let them eat dessert first for dinner, they can choose the music in the car or you’ll play opposites for the next five minutes. Your kids will love watching you be the kid!

Don’t forget to plan ahead before any big holiday and check the weather a few days out to see what’s coming up. If it looks like it might be raining, pack some small items such as a board game, a pack of cards, pencils and paper to help keep the kids entertained.

A number of BIG4 Holidays Parks have indoor play centres, heated pools and children’s activity programs. Don’t forget to check with reception about the facilitates and activities on offer in your holiday park.

To plan your next trip, visit and check out some of the other 180 unique parks across Australia.

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  1. It would be great if you could search for a Big 4 park based on the facilities the park has on offer. For example indoor play areas or heated pools as this would help in destination selection for winter getaways.

    1. Great suggestion Jackie. BIG4 are in the process of reviewing their website and the search functionality. I have passed on your suggestion to the team, so hopefully the ability to search by specific facilities will be built into the website sometime soon.
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