10 Reasons to Experience Australia in a Britz campervan

Traveling around Australia is a remarkable experience – why not make it truly unforgettable and discover this beautiful country by campervan? Our friends at Britz have come up with these key reasons why travelling in a campervan to different BIG4 Holiday Parks is the best way to see Australia!


  1. Flexibility & Freedom – No firm itinerary or plans, just pick a road and go, with not time pressures and the choice to be spontaneous.
  2. Hassle-free travel – Climb in, unpack your bags once and hit the open road, no airport delays to deal with or sticking to someone else’s schedule.
  3. Nature at your doorstep – Pick a different view to wake up too each morning – mountain ranges, lake or beach side – sleeping amongst the scenic splendours of the country beats the inside of a high rise room any day.
  4. Family bonding – Campervans are the perfect opportunity to reconnect the family –going on hikes, swimming, playing board games, or maybe it’s just having a big cuddle after a busy day outdoors.
  5. Camper community – Aussie holiday parks offer great camper community – share stories and advice on where to go and what to see, give a friendly wave as you pass others on the road.
  6. Multiply the fun factor in holiday parks – There’s never a dull moment in Australian holiday parks, with heaps of room to run around, playgrounds, swimming pools, games rooms, and sometimes go-karts, bicycles or even a jumping pillow. There are usually plenty of people to play with, too.
  7. Local Flavour – Being a food lover’s paradise, Australia has many side of the road stalls, local farmers markets, cheese and chocolate factories… just as well your campervan is equipped with a kitchen/fridge for 24/7 access, perfect for midnight snacks.
  8. Switch off – Swap iPod and smartphones for a wave and a smile, and reboot your relationships with some good old-fashioned family interaction.
  9. Turn darkness into light – Set your children free of the spooks by showing them the delights night time brings – glowworms, shadow puppets, the man in the moon, the Milky Way and shooting stars.
  10. Teach one of life’s greatest lessons – Whether it’s paddling in the creek or building a sandcastle, listening to birdsong or savouring the sunset, or maybe it’s just having a big cuddle after a busy day outdoors. Yes, the best things in life are still free.

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