How to beat the Winter Blues

Are you or a loved one feeling the effects of winter? Take a holiday at home if you’re not travelling this winter. A change is as good as a holiday – bring some colour into your life with fresh flowers delivered.

In winter, we won’t find much colour around us.  Brown, grey and white are the colours of winter dullness. Why not brighten up the dull cold period with beautiful bright fresh flowers? Reinvigoratea dull, depressing, dreary environmentby adding the colour of flowers. Just a touch of colour can really add life to a home or office. Flowers warm the hearts and homes of those who receive them.


You’ve probably noticed that florists keep their flowers stocked in the refrigerator. Winter is a great time for sending or receiving flowers. The cool temperatures make for a less stressful environment and actually help to keep the flowers looking fresher longer. This preserves the flowers after they’ve been cut and keeps them from wilting or drying out. In reality, it’s the heat of the summer that is the worst conditions for flowers.

Keeping flowers trimmed and in clean water will help to preserve them, also keep the flowers away from heat. That cold corner of your house or office is actually the perfect place for flowers. Their colourful blooms will help brighten the entire room.

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