5 interesting things you might not know about BIG4

Maybe you’ve heard of BIG4 Holiday Parks but don’t know all that much about us. Or you stayed at one of our many parks several years ago and haven’t had the chance to return.

Whatever the case, a lot has changed since BIG4 was established way back in 1979. Not only have we grown considerably – BIG4 now has 180 parks around Australia – but we’ve evolved massively, too.

In light of this, we thought it was time you got to know us a little bit better – the 2015 version of BIG4. Here are five things you might not know about BIG4.

BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park.
Jumping pillows are a common find at BIG4 Holiday Parks across the country. Location: BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, Alice Springs.

Yes, BIG4 accepts dogs.

That’s right – more than 70 of our holiday parks are now pet-friendly. What’s more, this dog-friendly accommodation is available throughout Australia.

Simply head to BIG4.com.au/pet-friendly and search for a park that will welcome your four-legged friend. While you’re there, take a look at one of the Dog Friendly Travel Itineraries on the BIG4 blog, which will help to guide you and your pet across the country.

However, it’s important to note that conditions apply when travelling with pets.

2.     BIG4 is not just caravan accommodation

There’s often a misconception that we have a limited accommodation range, so we thought we should clear this up. It’s with good reason our name isn’t BIG4 caravan parks – that’s because we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of accommodation types.

While we certainly welcome accommodation on wheels – and this also means motorhomes – you might be surprised to learn that every one of our 180 holiday parks is equipped with cabins. When we say cabins, we don’t mean a token structure somewhere out back. BIG4 has cabin accommodation for rent that includes stylish resort rooms, chalets, cottages, apartments, villas, self-contained options, and more.

For those who like to view a night sky fall of stars, we have a quality range of campsites. More recently we’ve seen the emergence of safari-style tents where you can add a touch of class to your camping experience.

In addition, BIG4 has the capacity to cater for large families and groups.

Cabin accommodation is alluring, evidenced by this picture of BIG4 Koala Shores Port Stephens Holiday Park.
All BIG4 parks have cabins. Location: BIG4 Koala Shores Port Stephens Holiday Park, NSW.

BIG4 is more than just a place to rest

Sure, BIG4 is all about providing a diverse selection of quality accommodation in fantastic locations, but that’s only part of our story.

We work hard to ensure our parks allow you to connect with family and friends as well as make new friends. That’s why parks have an abundance of first-rate facilities.

Did you know more than 30 of our parks have mini-golf facilities? Or a whopping 96 parks are equipped with jumping pillows? Leisure facilities abound: swimming pools and spas, water parks, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, games rooms, and more.

Some parks even have day spas and host yoga classes while camp kitchens and picnic areas are a common find and provide a vibrant, community-minded environment. Whatever the case, our facilities have far-reaching appeal, whether you’re a family, young couple, or veterans of the holiday scene.

4.     BIG4 will guide you around the country

Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration and direction when planning a holiday. With that in mind, BIG4 has developed a series of touring routes that can assist you before you hit the road.

These touring routes are packed with information, including things to see and do at your destination – as well as along the way – and times and distances between BIG4 parks. Our coverage is impressive – these touring routes traverse much of Australia.

If you need guidance for your next road trip, head online and check out the BIG4 Touring Routes.

Hit the road by following a BIG4 Touring Route. Location: Magnetic Island, Queensland.
Hit the road by following a BIG4 Touring Route. Location: Magnetic Island, Queensland.

BIG4 memberships are loaded with savings

You might be aware that being a BIG4 Loyalty Club member means a 10 percent saving on accommodation each time you stay at one of our parks. What is often overlooked is the many other savings that come with membership.

A BIG4 Loyalty Club membership entitles you to discounts and offers with our 1000-plus loyalty partners. These partners provide on and off-road savings on a whole range of products, services, and attractions. This includes discounts or offers on car hire, camping equipment, and tours as well as attractions such as zoos and aquariums.

In addition, a BIG Loyalty Club membership provides you with a 10 percent discount on accommodation at Top 10 Holiday Parks in New Zealand and with Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which has more than 450 locations across the United States and Canada.

Learn more about us by heading to BIG4.com.au

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