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13 of the tastiest chocolate attractions in Australia

Holidays are all about indulgence, and nothing says indulgence more than chocolate. This delectable treat creates a feeling of absolute euphoria. We call it love at first bite.

Fortunately, there’s a wonderful assortment of chocolatiers and factories sprinkled throughout Australia, so you can get your fix with ease while on the road and even learn a few fun facts along the way.

We’d hate for you to miss out on sampling delicious goodies when on your next adventure, so we’ve moulded a list of Australia’s best chocolate attractions.

You’re welcome.

Australia has many delicious chocolate outlets to enjoy.
Chocolate, delicious chocolate. Australia will tempt your tastebuds with ease.

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Caravan versus motorhome – which one should you buy?

Ford or Holden. Liberal or Labor. NRL or AFL. B1 or B2. There are some things that really polarise us Aussies.

You can add another category to that list: caravan or motorhome. This is a duo that divides a nation, resulting in fervent debate on discussion forums, around water coolers, and in pub front bars.

If you’re deciding between purchasing a caravan or a motorhome, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the passionate arguments put forward by those in the corner of Team Caravan or Team Motorhome.

While these comments are mostly helpful, it’s best to back up the truck (or caravan or motorhome) and begin at the beginning. Let’s consider the key points when looking to purchase each mode of transport and allow the journey to take its course from there.

We compare
It’s an argument that divides the nation. We explore which vehicle is superior.

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10 first-rate farmers markets you must attend

The smells of a sizzling barbecue; the temptation of hot coffee; rows of fresh, seasonal produce and home-grown delights; a lively and communal atmosphere – welcome to the local farmers’ market.

There’s something alluring about visiting a farmers’ or produce market, especially when you’re on holidays. These lively events provide the tastebuds with an opportunity to experience the culinary strengths of the region you’re visiting.

On any given weekend, you’ll find dozens of first-class farmers’ markets somewhere around the country. Don’t miss these beauties on your travels.

Sampling the array of fresh fruit, vegetables and sweet treats at farmers' market throughout your travels is a must.
Sampling the array of fresh fruit, vegetables, and sweet treats at farmers’ market throughout your travels is a must.

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Vital tips for setting up a tent

We have you figured out. You’re someone who flirts with the idea of camping but – as it wasn’t a part of your childhood – you’ve consigned it to the ‘I’ll do it one day’ category. It’s sitting alongside ‘go skydiving’ and ‘try karaoke sober’.

And we also know what most terrifies you about camping: you don’t know how to set up a tent. We get it – it’s like admitting that you’ve never seen Star Wars. You expect to be judged, ridiculed, and de-friended.

There’s no need to worry – we’re here to help. Our top tips for setting up a tent will ensure you’re an expert at it in no time.

Portrait of a man setting up a tent on a camping trip
Going camping and setting up a tent for the first time isn’t as scary as it may seem.

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Tips for extended travel with your child during the school term

Should you take your child or children out of school to go travelling? Guest blogger Janelle Boynton explores this interesting topic in her latest article.

To travel or not to travel with kids during the school term? This is a question you may have grappled with as a parent. I’ll declare my position straight away – I’m definitely in the pro-travel corner.

Recently, my husband and I took our children out of school for a whole term to go travelling. I believe the experience of travel provided our children with a host of benefits.

However, if you are going to take your children away for an extended time, you need to be prepared. So here is my guide to giving children an education on the road.

two happy kids in the car

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7 useful tips for travelling with an infant

How do you prepare for travel with an infant? Recently, this tough query came across our desks from a BIGNews reader, Christie, who was preparing for her first holiday adventure with a small child in tow.

Christie wrote: “Hoping to get some advice for holidaying with a baby. We are about to head away for the first time with our eight month old.”

We put Christie’s question to our Facebook audience, and the response was overwhelming. And as there must be a lot more Christies out there, we decided to bundle up this cot-load of great advice to share with a wider audience.

Because there’s no better guidance for what to do when travelling with a small child than listening to those who have first-hand experience.

baby  on the shores of the sea

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21 Australian pubs you must visit

Name the best country pub in Australia? When it comes to tough questions, this is up there with the best of them.

Let’s be honest – it’s impossible to nominate just one standout watering hole, so we decided to create an Aussie pubs bucket list instead.

With the BIG4 footprint scattered far and wide, there were plenty of staff members keen to put in their two bob’s worth. Eventually, we decided on a list that features iconic inns and quirky ones; pubs with a unique claim to fame and those as famous for their historical façades as they are for their welcoming interiors.

How many of these pubs have you visited on your travels?

Stroll down the garden path at the Overland Corner Hotel in the Riverland. Image credit: SATC.
Stroll down the garden path at South Australia’s Overland Corner Hotel. Image credit: SATC.

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8 healthy road-trip snacks

A pie and sauce washed down with soft drink from a roadhouse. Or maybe a burger and fries at a fast-food joint. Do these sound like your go-to options when on a road trip?

It might seem like a hassle to eat healthy food when you’re on the road, but it’s actually a breeze. Simply check out our list of healthy road-trip snacks and you can start your journey off on the right foot (or wheel).

These goodies are simple to prepare, or to grab on the go, and won’t hammer the holiday budget. Enjoy!

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Top 5 child-friendly holiday parks in Victoria

Blog contribution by Jennifer Adams, presenter of the popular TV travel series Places We Go.

Before we go any further, let me declare my bias towards Victoria, for I am a very proud Victorian.

Victoria is not only home to some of the most stunning coastline, bushland, and national parks in the country; it also has a wonderfully rich food, wine, and coffee culture that’s celebrated far and wide.

Victoria’s magnificent backyard
Victoria’s magnificent backyard

The list of places to visit is endless, from taking a drive along the iconic Great Ocean Road to one of my favourites, Wilson’s Promontory National Park, where the bush meets the ocean. A day trip to Daylesford is a go-to for many Melburnians; or there is always a weekend in the city for one of our enthralling sports or cultural events.

And as a family with a young daughter, we are always searching for child-friendly holiday parks where we can base ourselves and explore from there. Happy kids equal relaxed parents!

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6 essential tips for safe travel during bushfire season

As most of us would be aware, Australia is prone to experiencing bushfires. And as BIG4 has parks dotted all over the country, it’s a given that we have a presence in regions where bushfires can hit.

Whether you’re travelling to, from, or within your holiday destination, we want you to have fun and enjoy your travels but to be safe at the same time. And while the safety of our guests is paramount at any time of year, the need to stress vigilance is heightened during bushfire season.

Yet there’s no need to be alarmed; rather, it’s about preparation and education. So we’ve put together a list of essential bushfire safety tips for you to follow, with important input from fire authorities.

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