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6 important reasons why camping is good for you

We all know camping is a fantastic activity, providing hours of enjoyment and a welcome opportunity to connect with loved ones, as well as nature.

But that’s just the start. Did you also know that a whole range of wonderful health benefits result from camping? From physical and mental aids to those that are tailor made for children, these benefits ensure there’s even more reason why you should spend a night under the stars.

Check out the many reasons why camping is good for your health.

Family Enjoying Camping Holiday On Campsite

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How to survive while sharing a caravan with your whole family

With thanks to guest blogger Janelle Boynton of Feathertop Family Adventures.

Before leaving on our trip, I remember being in our ensuite at home and, within a minute, the rest of the family was in there with me. I said: “Could you all please get out?”, then quickly said: “No, no, stay…let’s practise being in one small space together”. It turns out we needed all the practice we could get!

Living in one caravan together isn’t like living in your house. Staying organised and sane while sharing the one space inside your caravan can be a challenge. Just imagine passing each other at the fridge, sink, and bathroom with just one metre clearance.

But despite the challenges, we love living together. It has brought us much closer together as a family and taught us to be patient and more tolerant of each other’s differences.

Living within inches of each other can be challenging, but it also brings the family together...literally.
Living in a caravan together is challenging, but it also brings the family together…literally.

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8 memorable Australian zoo experiences

Australia has a superb collection of zoos and wildlife sanctuaries that entertain, enthral, engage, excite, and educate. Yet visiting an Australian zoo or wildlife park is like standing in a supermarket’s confectionery aisle – there’s so much on offer that it’s tough to know what to choose (or where to start).

So rather than just informing you of the best zoos in Australia, we’ve gone a step further. We present the lowdown on great zoo experiences – the must-sees, the rare encounters, the up-close meetings, or the captivating shows – and when to witness them.

We understand a day at the zoo can be pricey even without add-ons, so our choices are limited to experiences that form part of a general admission ticket, (which means the chance to wrestle dozy polar bears at $10,000 a pop was omitted from the list, sorry). With the hard work already done for you, prepare to enjoy a bunch of great Australian zoo experiences.

Zoos allow for incredible up-close encounters.
Zoos allow for incredible up-close encounters. Image credit: Perth Zoo.

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Why Kiama has got it all – the beauty of the South Coast of NSW

Blog contribution by Jennifer Adams, presenter of the popular TV travel series Places We Go.

The New South Wales South Coast is a blend of what I consider to be some of the best qualities of Australia: kilometres of lush green rolling farmland, framed superbly by never-ending spectacular coastline that’s home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country.

Kiama, where rolling farmland meets the sea.
Kiama, where rolling farmland meets the sea.

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Get hooked on fishing in Airlie Beach

Experienced angler Matt Tuffy provides us with his thoughts about fishing in and around Airlie Beach following a stay at BIG4 Airlie Cove Resort and Caravan Park.

Paradise to look at, paradise to fish at – welcome to Airlie Beach and the wider Whitsundays region. On my recent travels there I was lucky enough to organise to fish the Whitsunday Islands with a local. We took his boat out to Hook Island and caught a wide variety of reef species, including coral trout and red emperor. The weather was perfect for fishing and we enjoyed truly magnificent scenery.

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Fishing deserves plenty of Ayr time

Experienced angler Matt Tuffy gives us the inside running for fishing in and around Ayr after his recent stay at BIG4 Ayr Silver Link Caravan Village.

During my travels to Ayr, I organised to liaise with fellow fishing journalist Cliff Mann, who’s fished in the area for more than a decade. While trips to both saltwater and freshwater were productive, it was the freshwater of the Burdekin system that really stood out. I had never targeted the native fish, sooty grunters, and was amazed at their aggression and willingness to take lures. We caught dozens of them, and I even managed a nice barramundi and tarpon as a bycatch. However, it was a stark reminder of how dangerous the water can be when bull sharks attacked our hooked fish in two feet of crystal clear freshwater.

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Local knowledge is the key to successful fishing in Innisfail

We grab the thoughts of experienced angler Matt Tuffy who hooked onto local advice for fishing in and around Innisfail while staying at BIG4 Innisfail Mango Tree Tourist Park.

You can’t beat local knowledge. It’s a cliché but it’s so true. I reaped the benefits of this during a recent stay at BIG4 Innisfail Mango Tree Tourist Park. And by passing these thoughts on to you, it will hopefully increase your chances of landing a catch when you’re fishing in Innisfail and surrounds.

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5 facts you should know about Tasmania’s Port Arthur Historic Site

Blog contribution by Jennifer Adams, presenter of the popular TV travel series Places We Go.

Here is an interesting question to discuss around the dinner table – do you know if you have any convict stories within your own family history? It’s certainly adds an intriguing twist to many Australian families. And on our recent visit to the Port Arthur Historic Site, the home of what was our country’s largest penal colony, this topic was discussed with much interest.

Port Arthur historic site, Tasmania
Port Arthur Historic Site in Port Arthur, Tasmania

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