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Important tips for purchasing a used caravan

Presented by Trading Post – Australia’s favourite way to buy and sell caravans, campervans, and motorhomes.

Caravans can be expensive to buy. This comment will hardly make the shortlist for ‘Most Profound Statement of the Year’ but it does demonstrate why so many people opt to purchase a used caravan instead of a brand new model.

However, it can be catastrophic if your bargain second-hand purchase turns out to be a ‘lemon’ and your savings end up in the caravan repairer’s pocket, or worse, your new toy is unsafe.

To avoid this scenario, it’s important to know what to look for when buying a second-hand caravan. That’s why we have put together a handy and comprehensive checklist to guide you along the right path. Arm yourself with this knowledge and you’ll be a thrifty van shopper in no time.

Young couple in a camper van

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Top tips when bringing your dog to a BIG4

If you’re a pet lover you’ll appreciate the joys of holidaying with your dog. When your pet joins you on a break it produces a feeling of completeness and ultimate happiness – as if the whole family is together. Conversely, a dog-less trip evokes a sad feeling; like a part of you has been left behind.

Considering that roughly 70 BIG4 parks now offer pet-friendly accommodation, there’s so much choice for those who wish to holiday with dogs. However, travelling with pets can have its challenges: unfamiliar surrounds, a change in routine, and other factors ensure that good preparation is essential. Then there’s the need to be prepared when on the road with your pet.

That’s why we have put together a bunch of helpful tips when staying at your pet-friendly BIG4 accommodation that will ensure you, your dog, and other park guests have a relaxing, fun, and memorable break.

Holidaying with dogs provides pet owners with plenty of joy.
Holidaying with dogs provides pet owners with plenty of joy.

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The best places to spot kangaroos

There’s something about viewing kangaroos in the wild that is truly captivating. Whether it’s their awkward stances, their inquisitive looks, or the way in which they appear to effortlessly yet gracefully bound through the air, kangaroos are a constant source of fascination.

These native animals can be spotted at abundant locations throughout Australia, but what happens if your four-year-old – or an international guest – exclaims ‘I want to see a kangaroo’. Do you know where you would take them?

Don’t fear – we have the answer. Whatever state or territory your travels take you, here are the top locations for kangaroo spotting. Please note: the best times to view kangaroos are either at dawn or dusk.

Kangaroo sunset

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5 essential tips for a smooth road trip with your pet

For many people, the thought of travelling without their pet is like travelling without an arm. A holiday just isn’t the same unless their furry friend is coming along for the ride.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that there has never been a better time to hit the road with your pet. Many BIG4 parks now accept dogs, and this pet-friendly accommodation is scattered throughout Australia.

While taking a road trip with your pet can be a fun and memorable experience, it can have its challenges. So we’ve put together a list of handy tips when on the road with your dog to ensure you have a smooth journey.

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The best places to spot Australian wildlife

While you can’t beat zoos and organised tours for easy and reliable viewing of wildlife, there’s something special about spotting Australian animals in the wild.

Seeing wildlife in its natural environment is probably the closest thing we will ever get to being a part of the paparazzi. Ever notice how we act when we spot a wild animal? We crouch, we hide, we whisper, and we hold our cameras in this covert way, as if it all makes a difference to the animal that probably smelt us from 10km away.

Moreover, these wildlife encounters usually excite adults as much as kids. It’s like this massive personal achievement to be the first to spot a koala, wombat, or echidna.

If you want to be thrilled by a wildlife encounter – or simply compare the delight on your child’s face with that of your partner‘s – BIG4 has the lowdown on the best destinations to go.

We’ve previously covered off the best places to spot kangaroos in the wild. Now, let’s concentrate our energies on Australia’s many other popular cute and cuddly creatures.

Wildlife spotting requires preparation. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania/Rob Burnett.
You can’t beat the chance to see wildlife in its natural environment. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania/Rob Burnett.

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17 reasons why dogs make great travel companions

There are plenty of dog lovers within the BIG4 family, and we love it when we can enjoy pet-friendly holiday adventures. In fact, some among us even cheekily suggest that our dogs make better travel buddies than our partners!

All this love for our pooch pals got us thinking – what is it about dogs that make them such great travel companions?

The subject is even more pertinent now that more than a third of BIG4 Holiday Parks offer pet-friendly accommodation. So let’s pay tribute to Rover, Rex, Ruby, Randy, Ralph, Roxy, and Rollie with 17 reasons why dogs make the best travel buddies.

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Australia’s must-see botanic gardens

Glorious botanic gardens are dotted throughout the Australian landscape and attract visitors and locals alike for their magnificent colours, extravagant beauty, and tranquil surrounds. Whether positioned in major cities or small towns, Australia’s botanic gardens are a source of immense pride.

You could easily have the attitude ‘if you’ve seen one botanic garden, you’ve seen them all’. However, if you think all Australian botanic gardens are the same, think again. So many of them have individual or rare attributes that ensure they are essential attractions when on your travels.

We’ve handpicked a wonderful selection of gardens that make essential viewing, so it’s time for you to wake up and smell the roses. Literally.

Adelaide Botanic Garden's Palm House is grand.
Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Palm House is a seriously grand building.

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Best summer holiday destinations in Australia

With thanks to guest blogger Jennifer Adams of Places We Go.

Ooh, I have excitement in my fingertips even writing this blog article! When I think of summer holidays in Australia, I think of our great country sparkling at her very best; what a beauty she really is, especially over the Christmas ‘summer’ holidays.

Enjoying Australia’s spectacular backyard.
Enjoying Australia’s spectacular backyard.

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6 important reasons why camping is good for you

We all know camping is a fantastic activity, providing hours of enjoyment and a welcome opportunity to connect with loved ones, as well as nature.

But that’s just the start. Did you also know that a whole range of wonderful health benefits result from camping? From physical and mental aids to those that are tailor made for children, these benefits ensure there’s even more reason why you should spend a night under the stars.

Check out the many reasons why camping is good for your health.

Family Enjoying Camping Holiday On Campsite

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How to survive while sharing a caravan with your whole family


With thanks to guest blogger Janelle Boynton of Feathertop Family Adventures.

Before leaving on our trip, I remember being in our ensuite at home and, within a minute, the rest of the family was in there with me. I said: “Could you all please get out?”, then quickly said: “No, no, stay…let’s practise being in one small space together”. It turns out we needed all the practice we could get!

Living in one caravan together isn’t like living in your house. Staying organised and sane while sharing the one space inside your caravan can be a challenge. Just imagine passing each other at the fridge, sink, and bathroom with just one metre clearance.

But despite the challenges, we love living together. It has brought us much closer together as a family and taught us to be patient and more tolerant of each other’s differences.

Living within inches of each other can be challenging, but it also brings the family together...literally.
Living in a caravan together is challenging, but it also brings the family together…literally.

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