Free kids activities these School Holidays

Are you looking for ways to entertain the whole family over the School Holidays? There are always plenty of fun and exciting things happening in our main city centres, including plenty of free activities for the kids.

Check out these free kids’ activities happening in our capital cities during September & October.


What: Indoor & Outdoor Cinemas – Flicks for Kids
Bring the kids to Federation Square, kick back and enjoy the free daily screenings on both the Atrium and Big screens . Movies include Robots, WALL.E, Wreck it Ralph, Hoodwinked Too, ParaNorman.
Where: Big Screen & Atrium Screen, Federation Square
When: 30 September – 4 October at 12pm
Free / Age: All ages

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Trouble Waking Up? Camping could be the answer

man turning off alarm clock

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? We may have the answer!

A new study has found that camping out for a few days and nights can re-set the biological clocks of people who have trouble sleeping and getting up in time for work.

According to researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder, given the chance, our bodies naturally adjust to the light-dark cycle of the rising and setting of the sun. Read More

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Great news for Campers

Love camping? Keep doing it!

According to research, campers are happier, have closer family relationships, are healthier and less stressed. Camping also improves social interaction, facilitates children’s learning and creates memories, traditions and special places that stay with participants for life.  These are findings of a Liverpool John Moores University study who surveyed both adults and children and both non campers and campers (campers include anyone who regularly camps in a tent or caravan).

happy camper with rockmelon

Research from the Liverpool John Moores University say campers are happier, healthier and less stressed.

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WIN BIG with BIG4 Winners announced!

We are very pleased to formally acknowledge the winners of the 2013 ‘WIN BIG with BIG4 Promotion’, with thanks to our competition partners: Jayco, Apollo Motorhome Holidays and Coleman Australia.

Winner of the Jayco Swan Camper Trailer
M Edwards (VIC)

Winners of the Apollo Motorhome Hire & BIG4 Accommodation Packages
P McNeil (VIC) Read More

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5 Great Reasons to visit Bundaberg

With thanks to Guest Blogger Scott Podmore.

The sun continues to shine in Bundaberg, despite the damage caused by floods earlier this year, and road trippers need to remember now is as good a time as any to visit.

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Join the migration

Whether you’re a National Geographic enthusiast or new to nature, the whale watching season is here and Australia has a plethora of viewing spots ready for you. So pack up the car, head for that well-earned road trip, take in some of Australia’s coastal highlights and witness one of the greatest ocean migrations in the world.

Visit your local viewing hot spot or coastline and enhance your knowledge of these beautiful mammals.

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Experience an alpine adventure this winter

To celebrate the start of the winter and snow season, many BIG4 Holiday Parks around the Alpine regions are offering special offers. Whether a first timer seeking a toboggan experience or a seasoned skier who enjoys downhill or x-country skiing, it’s time to pack your waterproof pants and jacket, grab the family and hit the Alps this winter.
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Walk right in, sit right down, start camping!

Experience the best of both worlds with the latest in ‘Glamping’ accommodation – Safari Tents. These stylish tents are perfect for guests who still want the fun of camping, however don’t want the hassle of setting up and packing away their own tent.

Featuring both Queen and Single Beds, most of these open plan and trouble-free tents also come with a shower, fridge/freezer and microwave, meaning all you have to do is step right up, walk right in and start camping.

If you’re someone who loves the fun of camping and spending the night in a canvas hideaway, without all the hassle, then you’ll love this unique style of camping.

Get ready to go on Safari at these five Holiday Parks! Read More

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5 great reasons to visit Margaret River

With thanks to guest blogger Scott Podmore.

Ngilgi Cave

Explore the ancient Ngilgi Cave, located in the Margaret River Wine Region just off Caves Road.

MARGARET RIVER is a world away from the rest of Australia in one direction, and about 10,000km of Indian Ocean before you hit South Africa in the other. Charmed with some of the world’s best beaches and famous vineyards, its isolation is what lends it so much charm in that there’s a big dose of tranquility served with it’s natural beauty.

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When have you needed to ‘take care of business’ and there wasn’t a bathroom in sight?

Thetford, inventor of the world’s first camping toilet, has launched the next generation of its portable toilet; Porta Potti. Taking leisure to the next level, a Porta Potti offers unparalleled comfort, as well as a sanitary solution that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system.

Porta Potti Excellence

Perfect for the traveller who wants to have access to a toilet while out on the road, a Porta Potti is the hygenic, convenient and environmentally friendly solution to disposing of waste when in the great outdoors.

To celebrate the launch of the next generation in portable toilets,we recently held a competition giving away 6 Porta Potti packs valued at $314 each. Each pack included a Porta Potti Excellence toilet, two toilet additives and aqua-soft toilet paper.

The competition has closed and the winners have been selected. But we couldn’t just leave it there and not share the winning 6 responses.

WARNING #1- This post features very entertaining stories about going to the toilet and may have you in fits of laughter. (It may also have you running for the toilet due to said laughter).
WARNING #2 - This post is not for the squeamish
WARNING #3 - This post is not for people who get offended discussing bladder and bowel motions.
WARNING #4 - This post may feature words such as ‘poo’, ‘wee’, and ‘bum’

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