BIG4 Traralgon Park Lane Holiday Park welcomed into the BIG4 family

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or an action-packed getaway, BIG4 Traralgon Park Lane Holiday Park is the perfect accommodation option. It’s located in the lively city of Traralgon in the Gippsland region of Victoria, east of Melbourne.

The park has just joined the BIG4 group and will clearly be a favourite among families who are looking to be entertained while on holidays. A series of enthralling on-site attractions will quickly grab guests’ attention.

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BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park becomes part of the BIG4 group

There is no doubt that BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park occupies a premium patch of real estate. This new addition to the BIG4 family has a prime spot on the shores of Wallaga Lake, just minutes from Bermagui, within the glorious South Coast region of New South Wales.

It’s hardly surprising, but this park is perfect for those who like to be in, on, or around water. Beautiful Wallaga Lake is an ever-present attraction, especially as this is the largest lake in southern New South Wales. It suits ample water-based activities, including swimming, sailing, boating, and waterskiing. In addition, the park is just a five-minute stroll to Camel Rock Beach, where you can enjoy more aquatic leisure.

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Reasons to visit Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest-surviving German settlement

Blog contribution by Jennifer Adams, presenter of the popular TV travel series Places We Go.

Let’s be clear. South Australia is an absolute treasure. It’s overflowing with beauty, history, world-class food and wine, and the most welcoming locals you could wish to meet. I could reel off several places you ‘must’ visit.

But I have to admit, until recently, I had never heard of Hahndorf. I knew of its neighbour, the Barossa, but this charming little German town had somehow slipped under my radar. Now that I have been, I urge you not to let it slip under yours!

The iconic Hahndorf Inn. Photo source: Places We Go.
Get a taste of Germany at the iconic Hahndorf Inn.

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10 spectacular Australian national parks that dodge the spotlight

Did you know Australia is dotted with more than 500 national parks? From the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between, you’ll find these enormous gem-filled patches of turf wherever you choose to roam.

Some of these national treasures fall into properties that are classified as World Heritage-listed; others earn this honour all on their own. And then there are the many national parks that have been holiday hotspots for generations.

While these big guns deserve the headlines, there are many other Australian national parks that warrant a slice of attention, too. And it’s time you were in on the secret – we don’t want you missing out on a wonderful experience on your next BIG4 holiday.

It’s time to lift the lid on 10 Australian national parks that you must explore.

Great Otway National Park, Great Ocean Road region, Victoria.
You’ll be green with envy if you don’t stroll through Great Otway National Park in Victoria’s Great Ocean Road region.

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BIG4 parks with cafes and restaurants

Have you ever noticed when you’re on a relaxing break how the simplest of tasks can seem like a huge effort? When your body and mind are finally given a chance to unwind, wow, they really do unwind. While immersing yourself in your wonderfully relaxing BIG4 accommodation, suddenly the thought of having to head into town for dinner feels like a massive chore, likened to scaling a 100m-high wall followed by a tightrope walk over crocodile-infested waters.

Enjoy a meal at the on-site licensed family restaurant at BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park.
Enjoying a meal at the on-site licensed family restaurant at BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park.

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BIG4 parks with massage facilities

For many of us, a holiday means rest and relaxation. It’s a chance to shake off the stresses and hassles of everyday life and indulge in a little ‘me time’. And if there’s one thing that sums up holiday indulgence, it’s pampering yourself with a relaxing massage. The chance to unwind with a massage is priceless and is an ideal way to embrace the holiday vibe.

Indulging in a relaxing massage at BIG4 Beacon Resort.
Indulging in a relaxing massage at BIG4 Beacon Resort.

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BIG4 parks with spas

Spas and holidays go hand in hand, and it’s not hard to see why. Think spa, think relaxation. Enjoying a spa is one of those activities that doesn’t even feel like it’s an activity at all. It’s achieved with the easiest of effort and is a superb way to unwind after a busy day’s exploring or to enhance the laidback vibe of your break. You can even socialise while you’re at it!

Relax and unwind in the spa at BIG4 North Star Resort.
Relax and unwind in the spa at BIG4 North Star Resort.

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5 great tips for healthy and simple holiday cooking

Creating healthy meals while you’re on holidays can seem like a challenge: you’re out of regular routine and removed from the comfort of your own kitchen.

But there’s no need to stress – BIG4 has put together a handful of useful holiday cooking hints to make your task much simpler. And as our parks have fully equipped kitchen facilities for whatever accommodation option you choose, it’s even easier to whip up a healthy meal.

Hold the snags! It's time to chuck another shrimp on the barbie.
Hold the snags! It’s time to chuck another shrimp on the barbie.

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7 rewarding one-day Australian mountain climbs

There’s something special about climbing a mountain, and it’s a feat that conjures up a whole range of thoughts and feelings. You start by psyching yourself up for the challenge, ooze energy and enthusiasm as the climb begins, question your sanity part way through, and then, with elation, enjoy a huge sense of achievement when you reach the summit.

Holidays are the perfect time to tackle a mountain: you literally have all day to play with and plenty of recovery time.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you our favourite Australian mountain climbs. We’ve highlighted those that can be conquered as part of a daytrip from your BIG4 accommodation; yet still present a decent challenge. And the further you read, the tougher the climbs become!

It’s time to put on your walking shoes and prepare to encounter these incredibly rewarding Australian mountain climbs.

Hiking within Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is incredibly rewarding.
Hiking within Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is incredibly rewarding.

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