10 must-see Australian waterfalls

Although we live in the world’s driest inhabited continent, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the regular sight of gushing water. Waterfalls allow for incredible viewing, leaving us gazing in awe and reaching for the camera. They showcase nature at its most picturesque and are regularly flanked by dazzling landscapes.

Visiting waterfalls makes for rewarding day trips when staying at your BIG4 accommodation, providing the ideal motivation to explore your new surrounds.

As this country teems with incredible waterfalls – from the massive to the quirky – we thought we’d put together a list of the best. Prepare to be introduced to 10 amazing Australian waterfalls.

The spectacular sight of Ebor Falls.
The spectacular sight of Ebor Falls in New South Wales’ Guy Fawkes River National Park can be viewed from various lookout points.

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Why BIG4 is perfect for a mates’ weekend away

It can be tricky planning a mates’ weekend and having everyone agree on where to go and what to do.

The task becomes tougher as the years pass: free time is harder to come by and people change. Nowadays, Woodsy is a fitness freak and is pumped for a long hike or three, yet Dave is looking to take it easy after a tough few months at work. Some things don’t change: while Ben will likely forget to pack toothpaste, he won’t forget his golf clubs.

If you require diversity, BIG4 Holiday Parks is the answer. Our parks’ many great locations provide easy access to a raft of leisure activities.

These superb locations are backed by a wide variety of accommodation. Return to your campsite and enjoy a delicious barbecue after an adventure-filled day or relax on the balcony of your cabin with a beer in hand.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s the best leisure options to choose from when staying at your chosen BIG4 park.

Portrait Of Two Men In Pick Up Truck On Camping Holiday
BIG4’s diverse range of activities allow you to choose an option everyone can appreciate.

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We get to know avid traveller and BIG4 Gold Member Ross Simshauser

When a heartfelt letter reached our office from BIG4 Loyalty Club Gold Member, Ross Simshauser, we were very keen to learn more about this avid traveller.

Ross has spent plenty of time getting to know BIG4, so we thought it was time we got to know him! For someone who has seen so much of Australia and stayed at numerous BIG4 parks, he’s certainly qualified to talk about touring the country.

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5 compelling reasons to take a mid-week break

There is no such thing as a bad time to take a break. You’re on holidays – what could be better? While it makes sense that weekends are popular for escapes, it shouldn’t be the only time to consider going away.

The benefits of mid-week travel are many and varied, offering the chance for you to save time, money, and hassle.

We’ve put together a few great reasons why you should travel mid-week.

Location: BIG4 Solitary Islands Resort, Wooli, New South Wales.
Location: BIG4 Solitary Islands Resort, Wooli, New South Wales.

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10 handy tips for your first caravanning adventure

You’re going on your first caravanning trip. Excellent! It’s an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience. It’s also a big step.

Towing a caravan is a lot tougher than having to ‘carry’ an underperforming doubles partner during the social tennis season; it adds a whole new dimension to any holiday. Factors such as what to bring, time spent on the road, and where to park suddenly have much greater importance.

Here at BIG4 Holiday Parks, we want to help. So we’ve put together a bunch of great tips for first-time caravan users to allow a smooth journey and an enjoyable holiday.

A caravanning adventure is a great way to see the country.
A caravanning adventure is a great way to see the country.

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Australia’s best whale-watching locations

Watching whales at play is a breathtaking experience. The sheer size of whales is almost unfathomable and their obvious power and grace is remarkable.

Fortunately, there are many whale-watching hotspots around Australia, and now is the peak viewing time. Australia’s east coast is lined with prime viewing spots. From late April to August, whales  journey from Antarctica in search of the warmer waters of Queensland. Then, during spring, these majestic animals make their way back to Antarctica. This means there’s double the chance to spot them!

It’s not just the east coast of Australia that receives all the attention – read on and you’ll discover that whales have a strong affinity with many of our waters.

Humpback and southern right whales are the main species to watch for, although there are opportunities to view other varieties.

And where there are up-close encounters with whales, you’ll almost always find a BIG4 park nearby. It’s time to uncover Australia’s best whale-watching locations.

Whales at play, like this one near Busselton, make for an inspiring sight. Credit: David Ashley
Whales at play, like this one near Busselton in Western Australia, make for a remarkable sight. Credit: David Ashley.

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The key to fishing in Inverloch

Whether taking the boat out on treasure-filled Anderson Inlet or fishing from the shore, Inverloch offers versatility for anglers of all levels. Inverloch is a seaside resort in Victoria’s Gippsland region that boasts an enviable location: spotted at the mouth of Anderson Inlet in Venus Bay. The town’s relaxing vibe ensures it’s the perfect place to dangle a line when on holidays. BIG4 Inverloch Holiday Park reveals its top tips from the local fishing form guide.

Take the boat out in Anderson Inlet and you're sure to land a catch.
Take the boat out in Anderson Inlet and you’re sure to land a catch.

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BIG4 parks that permit camp fires

Think back to your childhood camping experiences and no doubt you’ll be warmed by memories of the time spent around a camp fire.

There’s a sense of romanticism attached to a camp fire as you relax with a hot drink in hand and swap stories. It’s a great way to meet and bond with fellow travellers. And let’s not forget the chance to toast marshmallows!

With winter upon us, now is the perfect time to book a camping holiday – and BIG4 can help you to create new memories.

There are more than 25 BIG4 parks that permit camp fires, which are detailed below. So gather the family and head along to a BIG4 park this winter.

The fire pits at BIG4 Nelligen Holiday Park are always popular amongst guests.
The fire pits at BIG4 Nelligen Holiday Park are always popular among guests.

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