5 essential tips for entertaining kids when on rainy holidays

Holidaying when it’s raining can be a challenge, and that hurdle is only enhanced if you are travelling with children. While cabin fever can strike us all, it certainly has a greater impact on kids: they appear armed with boundless energy.

Being denied access to all the fun ‘stuff’ outside can lead to a nightmare situation for you and your kids. However, with the right preparation, you can make your wet-weather holiday a memorable one.

We’ve put together a bunch of top tips to keep kids entertained when it’s raining on your holiday.

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7 essential tips for wet-weather camping

Rain. We know it does wonderful things and is essential to our survival, but sometimes it feels like the relative that you had to invite to your wedding. It’s unwelcome, makes for an awkward situation, and kills the mood.

One instance where rain can have a negative impact is when you’re camping. And as we reach the heart of winter, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter rain when on a camping trip (in many parts of Australia, at least).

Instead of letting a downpour deter you from exploring this incredible country of ours; simply take time to prepare yourself for wet-weather camping. This way, you can eliminate any issues that arise when rain drops by to say hello.

To help you out, we’ve put together a series of great tips for camping in wet weather.

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Biting bream makes the Manning River a mighty choice

Are you looking for a great fishing spot in the North Coast of New South Wales? Then mark down the Manning River. The team at East’s Ocean Shores Holiday Park has put together a few tips for those looking to hook a catch when on holidays in the area. And they should know these parts well – their park can be found at the picturesque village of Manning Point, which provides the easiest of access to the Manning River.

There's plenty of fish to catch in the Manning River.
There’s plenty of fish to catch in the Manning River.

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8 essential tips for travelling with pets

For many people, the thought of travelling without their pet is like travelling without an arm. A holiday just isn’t the same unless their furry friend is coming along for the ride.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that there has never been a better time to hit the road with your pet. Many BIG4 parks now accept dogs, and this pet-friendly accommodation is scattered throughout Australia.

While taking a break with your pet can be a fun and memorable experience, it’s important that you’re prepared. So we’ve put together a list of handy tips when travelling with your dog to ensure you have a smooth journey and a relaxing break.

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12 of the best Victorian art galleries

Winter has arrived, and for many of us the skies are grey and the weather cold. To escape the nasty conditions, embrace the great indoors and uncover a world bursting with colour.

The corridors of art galleries transport you to a time long ago, a time familiar, even a time hoped for. The stories that are secured on the walls or behind glass are many and varied: dramatic, thought-provoking, subtle, intricate, controversial.

Victoria’s art galleries are among the most impressive in the land and are the ideal wet weather holiday activity. Better still, where there is a wonderful art gallery; there is a BIG4 park nearby. Brush aside bad weather – it’s time to explore Victoria’s leading art galleries…

The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is world class.
The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is world class. Credit: Ben King.

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BIG4 tips for safe wet weather driving

Driving in wet weather can be challenging, especially when you’re taking a road trip. However, there’s no need to let the elements dampen your enthusiasm for hitting the road.

To ensure the weather doesn’t impact your holiday plans, it’s vital that you are prepared for the conditions. We’ve put together a few tips to keep you safe when driving in wet weather.

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8 great reasons to take a winter break

For many of us in Australia, signs of winter are all around: cold weather, driving rain, bleak skies. Despite the gloomy outlook, winter is a superb season for a memorable break.

It might sound silly, but there is a host of great benefits when travelling in winter – you just need to look beyond the weather forecast.

Don’t let the cold get you down and stop you from exploring this magnificent country of ours. Chuck on your boots, gloves, and beanies and join us in celebrating the middle of the year. Read on to discover why you should take a break this winter.

A rainy day or night, like that in Melbourne, does not mean
The arrival of rain doesn’t mean the disappearance of colour, as Melbourne demonstrates.

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